How to improve DX4000 network spped?


My transfer network sped to the from local HDD to the server less than 10 MB/s.
I do have Gig network. When the transfer starts @ 120 MB/s and then slows down to 7 MB/s sometime.

Never mind, static IP was the solution. DHCP servers are the bottleneck.

Interesting solution. You do static for the server and desktop?

Desktop. In my home network, I have TP-Link TL-ER5120 v2.0 load balancer and it does chock internet speed so I created a mini network with feed from fiber optic modem directly. So the modem is DHCP server. No change in speed with one of my DX4000. I saw an article about direct connection to a pc. Behold, now the speed 40-60 MBs average.