How to import a AVCHD video file from my SD card

Hello, I have a problem when I try to import the AVCHD video Files from the SD card.

I have a Sony DSC-HX400V Camera.

I want to have a back up of the videos I film it and I don´t want to bring my laptop to do it, this is why I buy this hard drive.

The problem is that I think the video format from my camera AVCHD is not compatible.

Any idea or solution for this???

Thanks a lot


Can you explain by what you mean on “not compatible”? Is the file now viewable on the My Cloud mobile app? Is the file not back up from SD card?

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The MPWP should copy over all files from the SD card to the HDD. It is possible that the AVCHD can’t be played back through My Cloud, but it should still be backed up to the HDD so you don’t need to take your laptop along. Try testing this out by inserting your SD card with SVCHD files on it and let it back them up and then connect the MPWP to a computer and see if those files are now on the internal storage.