How to I view my IP Cameras on WD TB?


I have D Link and Amcrest IP cameras. How do I view them on the WD TV?


Pretty sure that won’t work

  1. if either of the cameras use software (for viewing / recording)… then forget it, you can’t install software on a WDTV
  2. even if they just require an IP address to login and view a stream … then i doubt even the “Experimental Hidden Web Browser” will work, since it doesent support Flash / Java
  3. Lastly, “Officially” IP Cameras are not listed as a supported device.


Thanks very much for responding.

The cameras provide an RTSP stream so all that’s needed is a simple RTSP player.

Does that exist for WD TV?



I would recommend purchasing a Mini NVR for what you want (i did for my IP Camera)

Remember, the WDTV is a Media Player designed to do specific things … it’s not a PC

Mini NVR