How to (hopefully) revover data?

My 4Tb MyCloud took a cat propelled dive of a shelf and is no longer accessible, I’m hoping that its the circuit board in the MyCloud that’s out of commission and not the drive.
I’m using a 2015 iMac with MacOS 10.12.3, it’s a 4Tb NASWare Red drive.
I’ve got myself a WinStart USB/SATA dock ( and installed Ubuntu in a VMWare fusion virtual machine, the disk is spinning but there is a regular soft ‘hiss’ which it a little too reminiscent of the old ‘click of death’ you’d get with old drives for my liking.

What are my next steps in trying to mount the drive? and if it can’t be mounted are there any other options I should explore?

Perhaps it would be best to contact a professional data recovery service company about this since physical damage complicates data extraction. It’s a very delicate process and stored data could be compromised by further usage.