How to Handle G-Drive Safely to Prevent Electrostatic Damage?

This is probably a very basic question, but I can’t find a clear answer online. When unpackaging the G-Drive external hard drive, I saw the sticker about using precautions when handling electrostatic sensitive devices. The only instructions I can find are regarding components that are partially exposed and not completely encased like the G-Drive USB-C is. The most common suggestion I see is using a “wrist strap”, but I’m wondering if that’s really necessary for this type of external hard drive that has a protective case. That seems to be a method for the exposed type of components. Can anyone please explain in simple terms how to protect the G-Drive from electrostatic shock?

I don’t plan on backing up my computer on a daily basis, maybe monthly at most. So if it helps to store the G-Drive in the safest environment possible, away from the computer, I could do that. When it comes to connecting it to do a back up, I just want to make sure not to damage it.

Thank you so much for your help!