How to get My Storage file listing to refresh?


I’ve just bought a Play to replace an AppleTV. I’m happy with the playback quality and the support for mkv (which AppleTV won’t play back properly) and most of the available features for the price.

One problem. To delete a file, that file has to be playing. From Tools, select Delete then go back to My Storage. The file’s still there. Try to play it and you’re actually playing the next file down. Delete works but the My Storage display doesn’t refresh. Aside from ejecting and remounting the media, is there any way to force a refresh?

Whoever decided to have the Delete option available only while playing? Surely it would have been more sensible to have this option from the My Storage file listing?

Thanks for any advice.


Did you update to latest firmware? Is your Media Library ON?


Firmware is the latest. Not sure what you mean by is the Media Library ON? I have a USB hard drive connected to the Play. Am I missing a setting?

Thanks for any help,


Sorry, my bad, I was thinking about Live devices. Can´t help you, sorry.

Its absurd to think that someone with a brain decided to force us to have to play a file in order to delete it!

To make matters worse, it deletes the wrong files unless you refresh the entire folder

e.g. Say you have 8 tv episodes 1 through 8

  1. View the folder

  2. PLAY file 1, then OPTIONS then DELETE, then STOP to return to the folder view

  3. Go down to file 2 in the list and repeat step 2 to delete it.

  4. You will find it has deleted file 1 & 3!