How to get data(watch a film) from external WD My Cloud onto WD TV Live?


I have a question please : I would like to watch films on my WD TV Live FROM a My Cloud which is not in my WIFI but at my colleagues house but in the same city ??? Is that possible ??

I can do it on my PC with Windows 8.1 using the application WD My Cloud where I simply give the user name and password and I see the Cloud drive of my colleague and can acces the data ( the speed of course is veeery slow :frowning:

Any ideas ???

Thx in advance

Hi there,

This is currently not possible since you donโ€™t have a direct connection between the media player and the drive, even if it is in the same city, you can however download the movie to your friends house or perhaps try to stream it from you house to his computer but this will require a good upload speed from your ISP.