How to format attached device? (convert it to ext4)

I have a My Book World II attached to a My Book Live Duo. It’s formatted as NTFS and i would like to convert it (or delete/recreate if it’s cleaner) to the same ext4 format that the MBLD uses.

Is there a way to achieve this via ssh and without removing the MBWII and attaching it to a computer?

I want to do this in order to avoid further fragmentation of the attached device.


Hello, unfortunately this option is not available from the My Book Live dashboard. 


Isn’t the My Book World a Network Drive?

If it is not, and is a USB drive, you should be able to format it through SSH. Although, unless you are moving files a lot on the drive there should be no cause for fragmentation.

Here is a site that talks about commands to format through Debian.

Thanks Chaos, actually I didn’t even remembered my own drive :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a Studio Edition II, the one with ESATA port.

I did something like that; booted up Ubuntu and GParted it to ext4. I was asking about doing it from SSH because I didn’t want to unplug or remove any cables, since they are (were :() perfectly placed :stuck_out_tongue:


I see… makes sense.

Glad you got it the way you want it, although I know what you mean about the cables :slight_smile: