How to fix signature collsion

k had it were it would only recognize 1 wd drive at a time so here is ghow to fix if u get this problem

 would like to also share with you, if you are still having the problem, that I have been able to connect and my Windows 7 Pro has been able to detect all 3 external HDs and each drive has its own letter assigned to it.

Each external drive (ED) is accessible like if nothing ever happened.

The issue seems to be a conflict of IDs assigned to each (ED) when we connect an (ED), then when we connect a 2nd (ED), then the 2nd (ED) is trying to use an ID that has already been assigned to the 1st (ED), therefore, the 2nd (ED) stays “offline” to avoid a conflict with the 1st (ED).

The technical term is “The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online”

To make the 2nd and 3rd, and 4th (ED) to be online, then you have to go to:

  • Computer Management
  • Disk Management
  • Scroll down so you can see your external drives
  • You will notice that the 1st (ED) is “Online”
  • You will notice that the other (EDs) are “Offline”
  • Right-Click on “Offline” and a shortcut menu will give the option to turn (ED) “Online”
  • Wait for a few seconds and now that (ED) will become available to be used.
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You can also reformat each of the other drives if they are new, and that will do it, also.  Or, you can try to connect one at a time, but wait for a bit till each one that’s added gets a letter assigned to it.