How to fix issues for non-tech-person


this is really a question for other users of the basic 2T MyCloud.

I have been reading a lot about talking to your HD in SSH and resetting it to factory settings, updating the firmware and potentially telling it not to sync to CPU-eating software (WP Photo Merger & WD MC Server).

As someone who hates being in terminal settings, I would really rather not be talking to my drive in super tech code… especially since it voids the warranty.

If I had the option, I would turn off any and all extra software right away, as my drive is ridiculously slow. But of course, this option doesn’t seem to be anywhere where I can get to it.

I intend on at least updating the firmware, though even that seems a bit scary at this point since this drive seems very “unstable”. That is why I am attempting to do a backup first - though it takes literally forever.

In the worst case, I could consider restarting the drive to factory settings and reinstalling my backup, though that seems like a lot of messing around with ridiculous loading times and I doubt it will work.

From what I understand the drive has a fundamental conflict error which means that it either works like a dream or a complete lemon.

I need to make mine work, any ideas? If I have to get really techie I will at this point… anything to get it running, but I am sick of wasting hours of my life on this thing so it needs to work - NOW.

Thank you so much for your help.

Best you can do without SSH:

  1. Disable the DLNA server
  2. Disable cloud access
  3. Make sure you are using gigabit ethernet and or, have wireless AC capable wifi router and peripherals.

Picking up tech skills is becoming less and less optional by the year though. It really is in your best interests to pick up at least a little savvy, given the rise of crappy IoT devices, and plagues of malware and worse out there. The world is getting too technologically connected to remain non-savvy. Trust me, I know all about wanting things to be simple and easy. However, this is becoming the new “telemarketer scammer” demographic profile-- Selling bills of goods to non tech-savvy people. If just to avoid being a victim, it is useful to pick up at least a little savvy.