How to find My Book on my Mac?

Hey all willing to help,

I had a G4 that died so I got all my files copied over to a My Book Essential by a technician. The technician told me that he had formatted it for Mac and let me view my files on a Mac in the shop (to check they were all there).

Now that I have a new Mac, I have plugged the My Book in… but can not find the My Book?? 

Is there anywhere in particular I should be looking? I have assumed that I don’t need to do anything as it has already been reformatted?? Is there something I need to do??

Thanks an advance for our help :slight_smile: Ally

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Hi ahelyar,

The drive should mount to your desktop.  If it is not, please make sure that power is connected directly to a wall outlet and you might want to try a different USB port on your system.  Please make sure that it is connected directly to your Mac and not a hub.  But it should just mount to the desktop.