How to exclude some folders from getting listed or atleast indexed


I use WD live hub as a media centre and also at times for dumping my other data. This dumped data contains picture as well movies sometime. 

I wish to see these data on in folder mode and not indexed in the media file. Is their a way of creating an exclude script which can be put in folders which we don’t want to be indexed. If such thing does not exists then It could be a good improvement in next versions.


Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is not possible, the device is does not have this capacity.

okay, probably not exactly what you are lookin for but this is a possible workaround that I use.

I also use my LIVE-PLUS as a storage server as well as have backups on different drives of music etc that i do not want cataloged. So what i have done is gone onto the WD box via another computer and renamed the folders I dont want indexed to have a period “.” infront of them EX: " .Backup" I had to do this in a DOS window as i couldn’t get it to work in windows. Anyways, the my WDLIVEPLUS and my WDLIVEHUB do not see or index the directory. I can access the directory from a vista laptop and see it on my network, so works great for backup space.

Note again though, you cannot see this directory on you WD box, just other machines on the network.