How to encrypt a single drive of EX2 Ultra

I have an EX2 Ultra in which one drive is encrypted. The 2 disks are organised as JBOD.
I wish to encrypt the unencrypted drive. I have taken a copy of all the data on the drive and now wish to reinitialise it prior to restoring the data.

However, the only option I appear to have is to re-initialise the entire device, thus wiping data from the drive that is already encrypted.

How can I re-initialise drive 1 without affecting drive 2?
If I remove drive 2 from the device and then initialise drive 1 as encrypted, will I still be able to read drive 2 when I re-install it?


In order to remove encryption, drive must be initialize which erases the drive completely. Unfortunately, without formatting the hard drive, you may not be able to initialize the drive.

Well actually I wanted to encrypt a drive not decrypt it.
My speculation was correct. I removed the encrypted drive and then was able to encrypt the first drive with affecting the second drive. I then had to re-install the second drive and re-enter the encryption key.

All ok.