How to enable the thumbnail preview of other files than JPG? Example Tiff or PDF etc?


Is there a way to enable a thumbnail preview of all the different file format?

What do you want to preview this stuff on? What are the source devices? Just give us more info.

Hi Mike,
Thanks. Basically when we logged into our MyCloud system, we can preview all the thumbnails for jpg files but not files with .TIFF format. Is there any way to enable that?

Basically when we logged into our MyCloud system

Logged in and browsing using what means?

Native file manager (File Explorer/Finder)?
WD Desktop App?
WD MyCloud web app?
WD Mobile App?
WD Photos App?
Something else?

Logged in and browsing locally or remotely?


Logged in using WD MyCloud Desktop App. I stored some jpg as well as TIFF format files in MyCloud but I could only view the thumbnails for jpg files but not for TIFF format files. All TIFF files are replaced by an icon instead.

I don’t think it supports thumbnails for TIFF.

If you’re accessing on a local network, map network drives and use your favourite file manager.


Yah. Thank u. I guess I need to try this option of mapping to the drives

When accessing a MyCloud local to your network, mapping the drives is a far, far better method of use; it allows the drive to appear as a locally-connected disk drive, accessible transparently by all programs (i.e. they can read and write to it directly).

The various MyCloud apps are really only needed for remote access. For tablet and phone devices, local network access is best done using a file manager app, as the WD Mobile and Photo apps are of limited use (and, again, are really intended for limited remote access).

Whilst the WD Setup system encourages users to install a huge raft of WD software, none of it is needed for local access and control of the device; everything can be done via the Dashboard, or with native file manager utilities, or third-party backup utilities. I think WD make some effort to provide their own versions of these tools, largely because they feel their customers expect them to. For remote access, this is probably realistic. For local access, it’s unnecessary, IMHO, and I don’t use any WD software for local access or control.

Hi Cpt,

Wow thanks a lot for the insights and advise. Will try to map to our local pc/mac. Btw are you using a mac or pc?