How to edit WdCloud photos

How do I edit my WdCloud photos

@Colm First, do you own a WD My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? What device and operating system are you trying to use to edit your photos?

What do you mean by, edit? I have several programs/applications to edit, improve, how my photos look. I would do this before they are backed up to either of my, My Clouds.

Hi cat0w
To enhance/crop etc some of my photos
I own a WD My Cloud and I have a Windows 10 laptop

I also have many programs to edit photos which are NOT on my
My Cloud.
I refer to photos stored On my Wd Cloud

@Colm I own Sony cameras, a regular camera and a Handy Cam that I just bought. I use the Play Memories Home application. Here are a couple of example images of the Play Memories Tools. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.


My default app on my Windows 10 computers is Photos and that is where my pictures would open when using My Cloud.

You can work on your images with Photos too. See images below.

Open your images by using File Explorer on your Laptop.

Maybe someone else will add to this and tell you what they use.

Many many thanks cat0w