How to downlond file (such as .pdf or mp3) from MyCloud? I use OS5 firamward

How to downlond file (such as .pdf or mp3) from MyCloud? I use OS5 firamward.

What type of computer do you have and what Operating System? How were the files uploaded? Did you drag and drop, use a backup program etc.?

I have Windows 10 Pro with all updates. If I want to move files back to my computers, desktop or laptop, I select what I want using File Explorer>Network>WDMYCLOUDTWO and drag them to the computer.

Sorry, I​ mean download​ from​ Mycloud​ to​ my​ Phone​ or​ tablet.​ Thank​ you​ for your​ suggestion.

ในวันที่ พ. 7 ก.ค. 2021 03:24 น. cat0w via WD Community <> เขียนว่า:

guess you do not have a laptop machine available

Yes, sometime I​ use​ my​ phone​ or​ tablet​ for​ download​some​ file from​ ​Mycloud​ to​ my​ phone.​ I​ don’t know​ how​ to​ do?

ในวันที่ พ. 7 ก.ค. 2021 07:55 น. Vegan via WD Community <> เขียนว่า:

To access files on a My Cloud on the same local network one would use Windows File Explorer (Windows), Finder (Macintosh), or a file manager app (iOS or Android), or for mobile devices use the My Cloud Mobile app (iOS or Android). One would browse their local network for the My Cloud then open it up and access the Shares for their data.

If one has enabled password protection (Private Shares) on a Share then one would input a User and password for that Share. One creates Private Shares using the My Cloud Dashboard and assigned user names and passwords and permissions for that private Share.

For remote network access to the My Cloud one would use the web portal. On a mobile device (iOS or Android) one would use the My Cloud Mobile app.

One should see the following WD links for more information on how to use and access their device.

My Cloud OS5 Online User Manual

My Cloud OS5 Web Portal Help

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G and using the app for OS5 here are images of what I would have to do to save a copy of a PDF to my phone. (Note that Save a copy is NEW!) Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

Here is where the copy was saved.

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To.cat0w thank​ a​ lot

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Very glad this very basic, yet very important, feature is now included.