How to download HGST Device Manager 3.2?


HGST Device Manger is a HGST SSD utility.(SAS and NVMe)

The user guide of ‘HGST Device Manager’ can be downloaded from Western Digital web site.

The User Guide said ’ the user may download the package(s) from the HGST Support website.’

  • from the user guide page 21

But I cannot find find ‘HGST Divice Manager 3.2’ from HGST support website or Western Digital web site.

Where’s the software?


There’s no utility for HGST NVMe/SAS SSDs such as Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox or Samsung Magician or Micron Storage Executive.

It is pathetic that HGST(Western Digital) has no ‘HGST Device Manager’ but has a user guide for the nonexistent software and links it on every product page for NVMe/SAS SSDs.