How to disable the Virtual CD on macbook pro running Leopard 10.5.8

Hi everyone,

I am interested in purchasing a My book essential 1TB to be used to back up data from a Mac running Leopard 10.5.8.

I have a couple of question that I want to clarified before buying the Hard Drive.

  1. Can I buy a Windows pre-formatted drive (probably NTFS) and re-format in HFS+

  2. Has anyone succeeded in disabling the virtual CD for the My book essential on a Mac book pro? Can you then use the time machine and save the file in individual folder without need to have file categorized in Picture, Documents, etc…

Many thanks for your kind assistance.


  1. Yes, the drive can be formatted in HFS+ or NTFS.

  2. Yes, VCD can be disabled thru the WDSmartWare software or Stand alone VCD Manager utility provided or download from   It can be used with TimeMachine also as you wish.