How to delete unwanted folders in Media libary for Videos Music and Pictures?

Hello ,

When i choose Music , Video or Pictures there are allways many folders ( for example “interpret” Playlist, Album …

As streaming Server i used an WHS 2011 Server . There i have 3 Folders Music , Video and Pictures. And in this Folders there are my files .  How is it possible in WDTVLive when i open for example “Videos” i was directly in the Videos Folder streamed from WHS 2011 Server ? Now i must first choose “folder” in the Tree and then i see the files from the “Videos” Folder from my WHS 2011 Streming Server.

Thanks for Help 


I think Rebecca is answering someone else’s question, because that answer doesn’t make any sense. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, when you’re using network shares, the first option you’ll be presented is the share name; there’s no way to avoid it.

However, you can put a JPG in the root of the share to, at least, make it “prettier” than the regular generic folder icon.