How to delete old folders off the Hub that transferred incorrectly from an past "sync"?

I am transferring video files from my laptop onto a portable HD. 

I then take the portable HD and connect directly into the front USB of the WD Hub. 

It recognizes the device instantly, I initiate a sync, and it starts the copying of files. 

When transferring from the laptop, occassionaly I ran out of space on the portable HD. 

And therefore, only transferred 1/2 of the episodes from a given season or show. 

When I tried to re-send those folders with the extrra episodes, it didn’t work. 

And in some cases created a new folder. 

I got around this, by creating brand new folders on my laptop, movies the entire season or all the video files into the new folder, and then transferring it again.  And it created those new folders, and all the files are right there. 

So my small problem, is that I have folders (with additional video files) that need to be deleted offf of the WD hub. 

Is there a delete option directly on the hub (by using the remote) that does this…?

Or do I need to follow some other process.

Thanks a ton - John 

Use the Files menu on the Hub to access the drive you want to delete folders/files from. Highlight the folder/file you want to delete using the remote, then press the Options button to access the file commands.