How to delete a unused directory that used to be sync'd?

I have been using the new firmware for almost a week. The idea is great, but syncing 2 Macs and a PC brings My Cloud storage to a crawl.

I found that I had to sync one at a time in order to be able to use the NAS storage for anything else.

During the process of figuring out how I want to use this product, I discovered that some of the directories that I was syncing did not need the redundancy of the My Cloud Mirror, so I moved them to an attached USB drive.

Now I can not figure out how to get rid of the old directories. They are using up a fair amount of space.

The user interface needs a bit more work. For instance, the wdsytnc interface does not give full information on exactly where the sync’d directories are being written to. On my setup, one can not determine if the sync directory is on the my cloud mirror or on the external USB drive.


You can delete those folders from the settings of the app. All the folder that are being synced, will be listed under settings and they will have an (X) to the right side to delete them.

The settings window is blank. I opened a terminal window and set my default to the directory and started deleting them by rm -Rf.
Several of the directories are corrupted, and that explains why I could not delete them from finder in Mac OS.