How to create RMA?

One of my WD red drives is failing. I want to create an RMA but how? I have done the following:

  • I have registered the drive with WD
  • I am logged in to
  • I click WD Quick Links > Registered products
  • I see a list of the drives I registered. One of these drives is the one that is failing. It states that it is “In warranty”. I click the link “Create an RMA” on the right side of this drive.
  • The page*** opens (I removed the serial number)
  • The page states “We will take you through a number of simple steps so that you may receive an RMA and return your drive to us in exchange for a replacement.” and some more explanation.
  • But now what? I cannot click any link or button to proceed. I am probably missing something very obvious.

This issue appear sometimes. You can try changing the browser, it may resolve the issue.

Otherwise, you should contact WD Support so that they can create the RMA for you from their end.

Thanks, I contacted support and they created the RMA for me, so its solved now.

I tried in Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox (all latest versions) and got the same results. There’s a Javascript error “TypeError: sd is null” or “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘tagName’ of null” depending on the browser you’re in.

It’s just frustrating because there’s usually a day or even two before WD support gets back to me.

Murphy’s law in action I guess… Just when I need it, it’s not working :wink: