How to create new iTunes playlist to share via MyBookLive

How can I create a new playlist that I can share among computers on the network (PC and iMac) sharing music on MyBookLive and its iTunes Server?

I can listen to music from my PC and iMac computers on my network.  I’m not interested in importing old playlist from any one of the computers but want to create a new one to share.  So far when I try to create a new playlist using iTunes (PC and iMac) the playlist folder is being added under the PLAYLISTS section of iTunes instead of SHARED\MyBookLive\Playlists.

I’m using iTunes on Win7 that is version11.0.1.12, MyBookLive version is 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W.  iTunes on iMac is 11.0.1 (12)

Thanks in advance for any insight on shared playlists via MyBookLive.

Check if the link below helps.