How to create admin user and delete old admin user

I just bought new MyCloud drive and is working fine. I created one admin user.
I would like to create second admin user.
How do I create second admin user.

Please can some one advice.

Many thanks

You can not have more than 1 Admin.

Officially you cannot create more than one administrator account using the WD My Cloud Dashboard.

Unofficially it may be possible to use SSH to modify/edit the My Cloud OS / Firmware file(s) to allow for additional “admin” users. However, using SSH may void the unit’s warranty.

The My Cloud is an entry level network attached storage device with a limited set of features, options, and capabilities. If you need to have additional people access the Dashboard (which is all the administrator account is used for) to make changes, add users, etc. then the simple solution is to give the additional users the admin username/password to those who need access.