How to copy movie metadata to other LiveHubs on your network?

I have several WD Live TV Hub 1TB players on my network, and I was wondering if there is a way to copy movie metadada between the players.

I noticed that when I select a movie on the player, select Get Info, it creates an XML file and a JPG file. However, if I just copy these files (along with the movie file) to another WD player, the metadata does not seem to be accepted by the other player, that is, on its directory listing, the name of the movie is set to the name of the avi file with extension, and not to the real title from the XML metadata file.

Is there a way to propagate movie metada across several players without the need to have to go from player to player and press the “Get Info” routine on each of them? Is there some hidden datafile that needs to be modified after the movie and its metadata are copied to a WD player? Thanks for any help on this.

I don’t think this is possible, now,  have you try the new firmware for the hub, it has auto get info.