How to copy files to the N900

I have a large number of multimedia files that I want to copy to the drive on the router but everytime I try copying the files using the Windows Explorer the router loses it’s internet access, stops copying files and I have to reset the power to get it running again. 

I read the manual and there are no instructions on the proper way of copying the files so I am assuming this is method is acceptable.  I open My Computer, and the N900 shows as a computer with shares under Networking.  I try a simple copy, past function and it doesn’t take long and the router crashes.

I am at the latest firmware revision, I have the same issue on Windows 7 or 8.

Hello, review the steps to access the public share on page 65 of the manual.

Sorry but that really is not helpful and frankly that wasn’t an answer at all.  I said I can see the folders just like you pointed to in the manual, but the manual doesn’t have a recommended method to ADD files to the router.  Remember when I am trying to copy files TO the router it locks up and I have to reboot it to get it running. 

BTW this is the THRID N900 and everyone of them had the same prpblem.

Hi again, to move your files to the My Net you should be able to use copy/paste or use any backup program that is compatible with network drives. Since the My Net is locking up every time you try to transfer the files, if possible try to transfer the files from another PC to see if the same problem happens. If you are using an external hard drive connected to the My Net, you can also try using another external hard drive.