How to control the gui of own themes

Hi everybody,

I am new to WD devices and just trying to change the GUI of a SMP by modifying the mojo theme, wich I like very much.

At the moment I change png’s with photoshop, zip the whole theme again and send it to my device in order  to see the results.

Is there a better way to control the result, e.g. a tool to emulate the gui of the device? How do you handle this, when you create or modify themes?

Thanks in advance.



This thread may help, i was in your situation and a bit further ahead now  :-

I asked before in forum - do not think any one as done a emulater.

Thanks. I tried to send a single file together with the meta.xml to the device. 

Unfortunately you can only change the default theme by doing so, at least with the SMP. It’s not possible to add a single file to a custom theme.

Cheers John

I changed the color during creating form event. The code below I used to change the color to clWhite for all pages.

for i:=0 to uniPageControl1.PageCount-1 do