How to connect MyCloud to wifi Extender


I have had a My Cloud for years and it has worked very well. My house is older and only has two connections for cable, one in my den, and one in my bedroom upstairs. This forced me to put my modem, router, etc. in my den. I was trying to clean up the clutter surrounding my TV and decided to move the MyCloud to my office, where I have wifi extender. I can’t seem to get it to work since I have moved it to the extender. I connected it back to the main router and all is well, but I would love to get it setup on this extender in my office.

Here are the specifics:
Main Router - Apple Extreme AC Router (in the den)
Net Gear AC Extender connected in office
From the extender, I have a netgear switch with my computer, MyCloud, and printer hooked up. Computer and printer work fine.

With the setup up, I cant access the MyCloud from the app, website, or even by searching the network on my computer. It isn’t showing up anywhere…

Is this configuration possible? Let me know what I might need to do, keep in mind I am not really tech savvy so keep to small words :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

Go to your Apple router control panel, and check what devices it has found on the network. Specifically, check what IP addresses it has assigned to the devices on the Netgear extender; you should see the computer, printer & MyCloud.

If the MyCloud doesn’t show up, then it has failed to establish a connection with the Netgear extender & switch; check the MyCloud network port LEDs for activity. If both LEDs are off, then you have a network connection problem; dead port, bad cable, or device incompatibility. Try plugging the MyCloud directly into the Netgear extender, or into one of the other switch ports (replacing the computer or printer, as those ports seem to be working).

You might also let us know what the MyCloud front panel LED is showing.

If the MyCloud is present in the list of devices attached to the Apple router (via the Netgear extender), try accessing your MyCloud Dashboard using the allocated IP address.

I would point out that the net gear extender is only 100MB. Which is rather slow for the My Cloud.


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From my Apple Extreme Router I do see IP and Mac Address for:
Net Gear Extender
Office PC (connected to extender above)
Office Printer (connected to extender above)

I do not see the my cloud which is also connected to the extender through the same switch as the other two. I DO see the My Cloud when I look at the Netgear Genie Extender, it shows the PC, the Printer, and the My Cloud. I can see the IP and MAC address. Why would everything else show up on the Apple router but not the My Cloud? Does this mean it is not giving the My Cloud an IP so it is unable to be found?

It is an 8 port switch and I have switched plugs many times, they all work. I have also unplugged and plugged everything. The LED on the My cloud is solid blue.

Thank you again for your help.

I have been playing with this and noticed the MY CLOUD appears and disappears from the Net Gear extender. Not sure why this is happening. I did not have any issues until I recently moved it to this configuration with the extender and switch, hooking it straight to my main router fixes this problem. I have old work files I browse on a weekly basis and this is also what I use to backup my computer files. I also have another HD hooked up to the cloud that is backing it up. It had been near flawless for years, with the occasional reboot needed.

What IP address is the My Cloud obtaining? Is it from the same IP address pool that your computer uses? In other words is the IP address of all the devices on the local network in the 192.168.1.x range?

Its possible the the wifi extender is assigning a different range of IP addresses than that handed out by the Apple Router. also check that the Apple Router isn’t isolating the wifi network from the wired network using something like WiFi client isolation.

@rac8006 Are you talking Mb or MB?. According to the Calculator I use 100 MB = 838 Mb.

I was refering to 10/100/1000. I meant 100Mb. His extender only runs at 100Mb.


That calculation only works if you’re being inconsistent with the meaning of the ‘M’ prefix between byte and bit counts…

You have assumed a binary M (2^20) for bytes, hence no. bits = 81001024*1024=838860800.

You’ve then used a decimal M (10^6) for bits, truncating to three figures = 838 Mb.

Keeping the same meaning for the prefix M, either binary in both cases, or decimal in both cases,

100 MB = 8*100 Mb = 800 Mb

I’m too old for this new-fangled IEC80000-13 Kibibit, Mebibit, etc. stuff…

Ethernet uses decimal-power data rates.

All of this is incidental to rac’s B/b typo…

I didn’t assume nothing. I was just trying to point out that the Net Gear AC Extender does not have gigabit ports.


Ok so it is 100Mbps.

I was replying to cat0w…


Bennor -

It looks like everything on the Apple router and the NetGear extender are all 10.0.1.XX.

I have been playing with ti and it looks like the My Cloud works for brief periods on the netgear+switch, which is why I have trouble accessing it. It appears and disappears at random. When I hook it up to the apple router, it works flawlessly. I am sure this is a user error. My wife will just have to deal with the cloud sitting on our TV stand a little while longer.

Thank you all for your help!

It appears a lot of time is being spent on this post. so has anyone suggested the OP pull out the RE’s instructions, reset it to factory setting and re-configure from beginning? This whole thing seems like something Netgear should be helping with. My three WD Range Extenders in service hooked right up with my Asus router fine – as long as I set them up correctly.

Anyway, using wireless to connect to a My Cloud on the network is a pretty slow way to get connected to NAS.