How to connect MyCloud 2TB to Mac for faster transfer

I have a MyCloud 2TB and a Macbook. I’m able to access and move files to MyCloud wirelessly, but it takes a loooong time and the connection often breaks, which disrupts the transfer.

There’s a Gigabit Ethernet connection on the back of the MyCloud device. Is this the best port for me to use to connect to my Mac? I’ve assumed I’d need an Ethernet to USB 3.0 adaptor to make the connection work since there’s no Ethernet port on the Mac.

There’s also a USB port on the back of the MyCloud device. Can this be used to connect to my Mac or is it only for additional storage devices?

Thanks in advance.

You cannot use the USB port on the back of the single bay My Cloud to attach it to a computer. The USB port is for attaching external USB hard drives to expand storage and provide a backup location for the Backup/Safepoint feature of the My Cloud Dashboard.

You will need to obtain a USB to Ethernet (Gigabit) adapter for your Mac if it does not have a Ethernet networking port. Then connect the My Cloud to it using an Ethernet CAT 5e or better wire/cable.

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@gbeaz If you haven’t already you may want to look at this information.

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Thanks Bennor. Have you had any troubles with your Mac recognising the MyCloud drive once connected with the Ethernet to USB cable? I just tried and nothing is showing up in Finder or Disk Utility.

I don’t have a Mac but from what I understand when directly connecting the My Cloud to a PC it may take a few minutes for the My Cloud to self assign an IP address. Typically in the 169.254.x.x IP address range. You will need to make sure the Ethernet adapter on the Mac has an IP address in the same IP address range. You may have to manually set the Mac’s Ethernet adapter IP address.

You don’t say what type of wireless connection you have, but if the connection often breaks, you issues there that you should probably look in to - 5Ghz should not be that bad.
If you are comfortable with SSH, you could also modify the smb-global.conf to optimize for Macs per my earlier post