How to connect a WD My Book Essential 1.36TB (USB2) to a USB LCD TV

I have a WD My Book Essential 1.36T setup with Smartware and protected by a password.

How can connect My Book to a a USB LCD TV as this does not recognize the data on the drive ?

Shall I reinstall Smartware on My Book Essential again (this time without a password)?

Would this wipe out the current content on my drive ?

Any suggestions ?



Try posting in TV section you might get better help. It might be the format of the drive or that drive may not be compatible with TV setup because of password.


Thanks for the suggestion, Joe.

I think the problem definitely has to do with the password required by Smartware to access the content on the drive

by the LCD TV.

Is there any way I can undo the password (remove) the password for accessing the drive

(via Smartware) ?

If this could be done then the problem is probably solved.

Thanks !