How to configure port fowarding with routers

Hi i have a my cloud 4tb connected to one router and also have another router connected to that first router, the thing is that i only have my cloud avalliable if i’m connected to the first router, if my mbp os connected to the olhar router it isnt avalliable as a local device only can acess the device throught the internet, how can i make it avalliable locally in both routers? 

Any particular reason you’re needing to use two routers?

I need to use two routers, because when i’m in my bedroom i have no signal from the router that is in the living room, so i need these two routers so i can have wifi all over my house

It sounds like the second router is not configured as an ‘access point’. Is the second router connected to the first via an Ethernet cable? If so then make sure that Ethernet cable is plugged into the second router’s networking port and not the WAN/Internet port. Then one turns off the DHCP server on the second router and configures the 2nd router with a static IP address in the same IP range/pool as the first router.

One can then configure the WiFi on the second router to either use the same SSID name and password as the first router (some won’t recommended this), but use a different channel, or use a different SSID name and password to avoid confusion.

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