How to configure a storage size for NetHDD?

I have PR4100 12TB and I want to setup NetHDD for my NVR with a limited storage space. I enabled the NetHDD and my NVR could find it but it showed all 12TB for me to format for the NVR. Can I setup the NetHDD with a limited storage size?

See the section of the manual about “quotas.”

Can you show me how to do it?

“Read the manual” can’t solve all problems.

No, I can’t because I don’t own a PR series NAS. But the manual did seem fairly clear…

Thank you for your reply.
However, I can set quota for each user, but it won’t do anything for the NetHDD space limit.
On my NVR, it showed whole space(12TB) for me to format after I set the IP and path.

I think I found the direction.

I need to partition my drive by changing the RAID configuration to JBOD.

Set one volume for my NetHDD.

Since I already have data on my current PR4100, data will be removed if I do partition. Will get another PR4100 and try.