How to Clone a Raid1 (Stripe) to a Raid0 (Mirror)?

Well I was messing around with a Raid Mirror and thought I was copying that mirror to a third disk like a cloning operation.
When in fact, (Unbeknown to me) I was creating a Stripe out of 3 disks.
The operation took my Mirror and turned it into a Stripe3.
Now I am trying to get my Mirror back!

I thought if I tried to clone the Stripe3 onto a Blank formatted hard drive of equal value in size (MB), then I have the whole system back on 1 hard drive and can in turn make a mirror out of that and set aside the 3 Disk stripe for other use?
Question is, Am I approaching this correctly? Or am I doomed to fail here?

All 3 disks are 2 tb each.

You will need a backup/sync/cloning utility to handle the process.