How to checkdisk a My Cloud Home?

Due to a power loss, my WD My CloudHome has shut down abruptly during an intensive backup process and it was not recognized again until a unit and a system restart. Now everything seems ok, but I do not feel comfortable and I’d like to check it with a chkdsk or scandisk or something similar, but I cannot find how to perform it!
Please help.

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I got the same problem and I haven’t found any way to do it yet. ;(

I got the same problem a few times while copying multiple of 2 GB files to the My cloud home, now i cannot check if those abruptly stopped files actually used any of my drive space. Would be nice to have a chkdsk function.

This really ■■■■■. It´s unconceivable that you sell a product that there is no possibility to do a check disk. If one of the purposes of having an external storage in my house is to do backups, of course one of the concerns is the data stored on it!! Another thing is that it seems that WD is saying just because we bought the product "my cloud home" we are dumb and we wouldn’t know how to use the check disk feature. Either way is very disappointing and very unfair that Western Digital sells a product without this basic feature. Shame on you Western Digital!!

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Was it ever figured out how to run chkdsk on My Cloud Home? I’m getting occasional write errors although most folders on the device (mapped to Z:) are still accessible.

The device is only 18 months old but my backups no longer work. A device like this shouldn’t start failing after only 18 months. We’ve had no power cuts. The device just sits there in the corner next to my router. It’s left on all the time.

If chkdsk isn’t possible, is there a way of reformatting the whole disk?

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