How to check content of wd passport

ive recently purchased My passport for mac and im not sure if i did the right thing. i did not see the dialog where it asks me if i want to use time machine as well on my computer as back up. i think i did a wrong move by updating it right away with the Turbo? 

pls help. 

also, how do i check the content/ the files on the passport? 

I don’t know about the backup…

but when you plug your passport into your mac via firewire or usb an icon should show up on your desktop. Double click on it and it will open a window and show you what is on it. I use mine every day to access all my school assignments and save everything on it so I keep my computer space free and running faster. Hope this helps


Click finder/system preferences/ and make sure external drive is checked then look for the drive in your desktop and double click it.