How to build a custom firmware .deb file?

nfodiz posted a great how-to for using his custom .deb to reinstall a sshd_config file:

Unfortunately it’s not compatible with my WD device and I need to build my own .deb file to reinstall my sshd_config. Is there a how-to somewhere for building the .deb file? I’m hoping to build it with Windows using 7-zip but have access to a linux machine if necessary.

I don’t have any experience on this, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice. 

Help? Is what I’m trying to do that unusual? Sorry for the bump.


usually you will need Linux gurus.

There is a guide here:

These devices run Debian Lenny, plenty of guides how to build deb files out there.

Posted the question to StackExchange and got a nice answer for creating a .deb file relatively simply.