How to backup from My Cloud to My Passport


I have a WD My Cloud 4TO which sounds not very good since a few days.

Before it fails, I would like to backup all data to WD My Passport 4 TO (same capacity, I recently bought it).

Is it possible to do the job by connecting WD My Passport to WD MY Cloud via the USB 3 cable?

Or is there a better connexion as it will not be too long to backup, knowing 4TO data are concerned.

Otherwise, do I have to manage this backup only from Windows or is there a specific WD software which could ease this operation?

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The single bay/single drive My Cloud has a feature called Safepoint (firmware v4.x) or Backup (firmware 2.x) in the My Cloud Dashboard. This feature can be used to backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port. See the My Cloud User Manual at the following link for more information on how to perform a Safepoint / Backup.

How to Create a Safepoint Backup of a My Cloud

Configuring USB Backups on a WD My Cloud

Thank you Bennor.

Before doing the backup, do you know how many time, approximately, it takes to backup 4TO?

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It will take a very long time (as in hours) to backup 4 TB of user data. Depending on how the backup is configured the first backup is almost always the longest. Additional backups may go faster if only changed/new/deleted files are updated on the USB backup.