How to automatically delete files from my WD My cloud ex2 Ultra

I just set up my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra and would like to know how I can set it up to delete a file automatically when I delete the file from my computer. I have set up a recycle bin but it only deletes files that I manually delete from my back up. I use to have a Buffalo NAS system and you can set it up to delete a file automatically. It would into a “trashbox” and from there I could manually delete any files in that box.

Hi @ncampbell21,

Please contact WD Technical Support about this for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hello All. some old posts to this issue have suggested the use of crontab, but for those like me who are not croknowlegeable in this, a simple method it to :
1-Create shares you want to use in WD drive. map the WD drive top level share, on a windows computer(having set FTP and NFS active on WD drive) over your network.
(if you want sub directories, you will have to create them from windows Mapped access)

2-download Cyber D`s Auto Delete for windows- this allows you to set up a complex delete plan(in Config.exe with one program), and then run it as often as you want, with a different autodelete.exe program, via windows task scheduler.(many youtube vids show how to do this)

I am planning to use this to delete CCTV footage stored on MYcloud after several days. it is set up and have tried it manually( no cameras yet) but works.