How to attach USB 3.0 Card Reader for faster copying of SD cards

We can attach SD card to Android smartphone with USB Card reader and OTG cable to transfer SD card content fast to the phone memory. How to do something similar in case with WD Wireless? Is it possible to change the firmware to make this possible in future if not now?

Not possible because of hardware design… If you want a faster transfer, then treat the MPW like any other hard drive: Connect it to PC via USB and put SD card in PC, and copy away – quickly.

In fact, I would never waste my time with copying SD card in MPW slot unless I was in the field and had no other way such as above, or wait until I got home to use PC.

Exactly my case unfortunately…

Or, carry plenty of empty SD cards and data dump them all when you get home. :smiley:

Have tested backup from SD card in MPW for files, made by Canon Legria HF R78 ( MP4 35MB/s) and got 4.05Gb in 4min 40 sec, which is about 14.5 MB/s and this is O.K. for me for the time being,
Looks i will not take extra netbook for my ongoing trip to Bali and not buy too many SD cards as well.
So far so good.

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