How to add back the device after removing it from

I removed WD My Cloud from Then, I wanted to add it back but I found out there is no sign of showing that i can add it back. The page just shows no devices available. Could someone tell me how to add it back ??? Please help me out, I will gladly appreciate that, thank you very much.

Re-add the drive the same way you added it the first time.

Such as through the Web GUI, select Cloud Access, select the user, then “Sign Up.”

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did the same thing, but I think I remember having to do a system only reset to ever get it back. Fixing it on the other UI’s didn’t cause it to show up on WD2GO.

What browser do you use?

I noticed today that when I log in using Chrome, no problems

but while using FireFox 31.0 (at this moment the news version) it is unimpossible to see the folder structure.

Wonder why… Java should be updated as well on my laptop (Java 7 update 67 for Win7)

but for some odd reason in Firefox Java version is Java 7 Update 65.2.20 and I am unable

to get Firefox Java updated…