How to add a second network share?


i have searched but couldnt find anything. please re-direct me if possible. i am after a way to add a 2nd network share location to my WDTV live streaming player.

So when i turn it on, and want to search my network for the 2 shares and select which one i want to view

is this possible?

or is there a way to setup the location of 2 separate shares and when you search for videos, all files in both shares are listed in the list

is this possible?


#1- Not possible if they are on different network NAS storages - In that case you will have to select source and then select the second available NAS share to view the contents.

 #2 YES - Read below to get some ideas.

Read some of it here:




Your best option would be to use “My Media Library”

The benefit of selecting this option is that it shows all the aggregated content on your network attached storage and USB storage together in one view. However, it  does take longer to scan all the storage content compared to selecting a more specific option for content retrieval

Read the user manual (Page 26) and concentrate on My Media Library function

Hope this helps