How to access My Book World Editon II after upgra ding to WIN10


I have a bunch of back up data on my WD My Book World Edition II that I can no longer access after upgrading to WIN10. I understand that WD has not intention of releasing WIN10 drivers. How can I get my data off the NAS?



Hello mlefebvre,

Are you able to manually map the device? Can you access the folder via using the Run command with the IP address?


Actually, I think I solved the problem. I sort of remembered that I had to use a program to get access to the drive under Windows 7. I downloaded the latest copy of WD Link and ran it, and I think it maps the drives. After running it, by files are available under Network>MYBOOKWORLD. Thanks for thinking about my problem. BTW, WD told me that my drive is not supported because it is so old that I should replace it. Do you guys buy that?


I’m not ready or in any way inclined to replace my WorldEditon-II though it’s been running non-stop since I got it, IIRC in 2010. It’s been totally solid all the while, though I may not have set it up optimally.