How to Acces Advanced Options on WD My Cloud Home?

Hello friends!

I purchased a MyCLoud HOME, and would like to manage this device through a web browser.
I installed WDDiscovery, but it does not give me the option to manage the device, it only opens a basic browser in the browser to view files and maps a simple network drive.
I need advanced options such as creating users, determining access rights to folders, updating firmware, managing the disk. I’m beginning to suspect that this model does not have these features.
Can anyone tell me how I opened an upgraded control panel for this equipment?

Thank you!

I don’t own one but you should visit the Learning Center for more information about the My Cloud Home. You can look at the User Manual too.

You can add users either in the mobile app or the web browser. Adding a user is under settings in both.

The my cloud home does not have any feature for rights access. Each user invited will have their own private user space that is only accessible by logging into that account. With the latest update there is a “Family” folder created by default. Any data stored in that folder will be accessible by all users on the device. Other than that there is no access rights that can be assigned.

Updating the FW is done OTA (over the air) and when a new FW is available it will be pushed to your device automatically.

To manage the disk, if you are using a mirror, you can change between RAID 1 or JBOD in the mobile app under settings. There is no other disk management features.

there is no “upgraded control panel” this device is not a traditional NAS. If you are looking for something with traditional NAS features take a look at the EX2 Ultra or PR2100 or PR4100.