How stream iPad .mp4 videos (TV shows or movies) to TV through WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

So I have the WD TV SMP all hooked up and mostly working well. I can see all my HomeShared files on my PC. Plays both .avi and .mp4 almost perfectly. Has slight (1/2 sec freeze on video occasionally…another issue on another post). And I can stream audio and pictures from iPad / iPhone to TV using various Apple apps like WDTVMedia HD, ZappoTV HD, Twonky Beam, MediaConnect.

My problem / question is this: I’ve read a bunch of posts on streaming issues from WD TV to iPad / iPhone.

But my problem is that I cannot stream videos (TV shows and movies) “FROM” either iPhone and iPad “TO” TV. In fact, i cannot even SEE these video files listed when i go into the various Apple apps. But I can see all my pictures (.jpg) and audio music (.mp3) files listed, but not my audio book (.mp3) files or video (.mp4) files in the various Apple apps.

  • How can I stream video (TV shows or movies are all .mp4) files from iPad to TV?
  • Am I missing some setting somewhere?
  • Is it the naming convention of my videos “ShowName_S##E##_TitleOfEpisode.mp4” or movies “Movie_Name_year.,
    mp4” an issue?
  • Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Btw, some background tech info:

  • All my files are synced through iTunes to iPad/iPhone if that’s relevant. Have iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1, untethered jail broken), and iPad Mini iOS 6.0.2 (obviously not jail broken).
  • WD TV Live SMP, firmware rolled back to 1.09.10. When i updated to latest firmware, it caused serious 10-20-30 sec video freezing when streaming from PC (most of my videos are .avi or .mp4 on the PC)

EDIT - all my tv shows on the iPad / iPhone are “grouped” under the Show Name and Season. But the movies are not grouped.

I would call tech support to see if the they have any advice on that one.

Apple is well known to not play nice with other manufacturers devices.

If you had an Apple TV and Airplay, what you want would be quite easy to do.

Can’t you just move the itunes videos to your shared folder on your PC so your WDTV can see/play them?

If you must play a video file that is on your Ipad to your WDTV, the only way I have found is to use a 3rd party app.

There are lots but I use 8Player. After installing the app ,with Ipad connected, from your PC open itunes>Ipad>select apps tab and scroll to file sharing and find the video app (8player for me) and click “add”. Pick the video files and they will transfer to the app.

Then from the app, select the “WDTV” as your device and find the video to play.

As I said, there are lots of apps that will do this; some are free. I like 8Player.

If the itunes videos you are talking about are movies/TV shows you purchased, they will be copy-protected and using a 3rd party app will not work.

I use the Buzz Player HD application to stream from an ipad to the tv as well as from the tv to the ipad.  mp4, avi, mkv, etc…all stream fine.