How smart is the Syncing on the WD Live Hub?

Wondering how smart the synching is.

  1. Does the Sync process have to be used to add the media or is it smart enough to ignore files it already has if the data was transferred manually?

  2. Similar to #1, if I were to sync a folder that I added data manually initially would I end up with duplicates?

  3. Can I move the folder I  sync to a different place on the hub’s drive without affecting the syncing ability?

  4. Will it delete files if they are deleted from it’s sync source?

  5. Does this use an ‘rsync’ type of process?

Syncing is just as it is stated it will not have duplicates but will rescan exsiting files to match the existing data.

If the files in the source are deleted it will delete the during the sync process as well.