How long will recover my data?

When I found files and folders not visible via local access, only can see “Pubilc” and “Time Machine”.
So, I want to disable the local access and try again.
When I disable the local access, I saw [internal server error].
Then I try to run clean device settings. After that, my user’s data will be not been show up.
After 10 mins the data slow up slowly.
At the moment, over 8 hours but the data don’t show up completely.
When will recovery for all data? (about 4.9 TB)
I am worry about my data will be lost after clean device settings! :frowning:

When will recovery for all data? (about 4.9 GB)

Is that a typo? or is that 4.9 TB? If it is GB, it should be fairly quickly, under one hour, but if it is terabytes of small graphics and video files, it could take 2 to 3 days to set permission and re-index the small files.

Nobody can predict what will happen to your data, that is why you should always make backups (USB is usually good and cheap) and not assume your MCH data will always be there.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes! my typo :frowning:
It had 4.9 tb :slight_smile: