How long to rebuild volumes? 1-3 hours?

Ok I have this nice wd message is saying “rebuilding volumes”

 …Still waiting on my 1 terabyte to do so, should this take hours??

I can not click on any links on the right side of  My Book Essentials ?? Until volumes re rebuilt.

My current hard drive crashed so the my eBook Essential  external hard drive is now completely full after 1 year of backup

I never have successfully retrieved a file so far … Just always gave up on the rebuilding volumes time

is this just very time consuming process or is there a chance it is not working?


Ok still rebuilding after 3 hours

Do I have to pay wd  for a support

their website says 1 month support only

simple question: how long to rebuild volumes on a 1 terabyte drive ?

The website says 1 month free phone support which means you call them this is just a user forum. Where each of us who use wd products share our knowledge. If we dont know the answers we dont post anything. As far as to answer your question rebuilding raid could take 48-72 hours normaly. Hope youve got some popcorn and a couple of movies.

Ok yes 12 hours later still rebuilding so I had to reboot and will try this again


 I went out and bought a hard drive  enclosure  and put my hard drive in and restored all my 400 megs of data while this wd is still rebuilding volumes  …go figure.

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