How long does it take to raise a RMA?

I’ve raised a RMA this morning, how long does it normally take for a response?

Did you send an E-mail to WD Support requesting an RMA? Or did you process the RMA on their site?

If the former, then they are likely to reply within 24 hours.

I did both ans still no response after 24 hours.

I’d give it until the end of the day and than would give support a call - your local number can be found at

Make sure to have your RMA # handy (You should have gotten it in an email and on your screen when you created the RMA) if possible so they can look it up quickly - otherwise they should be able to find it based on the email address you used.

Cheers, what rate is the 00 80055593733 call it looks like an international number, any idea’s?

I’m honestly not sure - I’m in the united states myself so it displays an entirely different phone number for us.

Does anybody have any idea what the above number is from the UK???

I did a little research for you @County and found the following links about the 00800 numbers:

Based on what I’m reading there (someone in the UK will need to confirm this) the 00800 numbers are supposed to be free to dial from a LANDLINE but you should verify this with your carrier as some carriers don’t seem to honor this and charge you anyway.