How long are "New Items" new?

Just curious…

In the main menu tabs it shows the counts for music or videos of  xxx new items.

Does anyone know how long a “new” item will remain in the count, or does the count stay the same forever?

Honestly I have never understood what the point of that figure is and what it really relates to.

i was going to post this question as well.  my video thumbnail has shown “12 new” for about a month now.

i have a feeling they stay on NEW until you actually view them, but i’m just guessing on that.

I’ve watched a few and the count didn’t go down. Played some music and that count didn’t change either. I notice in the Dashboard there’s a “30 day list”. We’ll see if 30 days that has any bearing on ‘Newness’.

The answer seems to be 30 days. My “new item” counts are going down properly on the 31st day after the first media files were copied to the hub.