How is Passport Elite configured to work on Ubuntu or Linux?

I have managed to format the hard drive using Ubuntu, but am unable to store large files such as DVD’s on it. I would like to know what I need to do for this to work. I use Ubuntu 64 bit. Would appreciate a comeback on the problem, and how to get the software that Linus can use. It would be nice to see open software supported, and not just windows and apple.



It depends on how you formatted it. If you used FAT32 the max file size is 4 gig. I don’t know much about Linux.


Hi Myban:

I formated two 1TB Passport Essential drives for the “ext3” file system using the “parted” utility.  If you need to share the drive with Windows XP or later, you can also format as ntfs from linux (might need to install the ntfs-3g package first).  I have done this also, in fact I now have two drives, each containing one 500GB ntfs partition followed by a 500GB ext3 partition with no problem accessing them both on the respetive systems for which they are meant.  I assume the  “Elite” drive should work no differently.  As Joe_S says, you are limited to 4GB if you formated as FAT32, so if that is your issue, just reformat to ext3 or ntfs and you should be fine.

Good luck